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Non-muscle-invasive Bladder Cancer (TaT1 and CIS)

This 2019 NMIBC Guidelines document presents a limited update of the 2018 publication.

Summary of changes
Additional data has been included throughout this document text. In particular in sections:

  • Section 5.4.3 – Multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI);
  • Section 5.10.2 – Surgical and technical aspects of tumour resection: a new paragraph on TUR best practice has been included;

A new recommendation has been added to:

  • Section 5.14 – Summary of evidence and guidelines for transurethral resection of

the bladder, biopsies and pathology report
Section 7.3.2 – Recurrence and failure after intravesical bacillus Calmette-GuĂ©rin (BCG) immunotherapy: this section, including Table 7.2 (Categories of unsuccessful treatment with intravesical BCG) has beenexpanded.

Publication: European Association of Urology

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