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EAU20 bladder cancer highlights

ASCO 2020 Virtual meeting highlights on bladder cancer

Keynote-045: updated 3 years results by Andrea Necchi

October 2019

NEMIO trial by St├ęphane Oudard

October 2019

Keynote-057 study: interim analysis

October 2019

Phase 2 TROPHY-U-01 open-label study of patients receiving sacituzumab-govitecan with metastatic urothelial cancer after failure of platinum-based regimens or immunotherapy by Scott Tagawa

Ocotber 2019

EAU19 congress sessions

Editorial on RAZOR trial by Dr. Evanguelos Xylinas

Lancet. 2018 Jun 23

Prostate sparing approaches

Commentary on ESOU19 webcast "Is en-bloc TUR the best staging tool?"

ESMO/EAU consensus project in muscle invasive or metastatic bladder cancer report at EMUC 2018 by Prof. Witjes

November 2018

Metastatic muscle invasive bladder cancer: When should immunotherapy be used? EMUC 2018 by Prof Bamias

2018 Nov 09