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Patient stratification and risk related treatment of NMIBC


In 2021 the EAU Guidelines panel proposed a new risk stratification using individual data from a large series of Ta-T1 NMIBCs. The novelty of this “4 risk categories” system, able to stratify patients with a progression rate ranging from 1% in the “low risk” up to 40% in the “very high risk”, its use in clinical practice along with the important implications on treatment decision making will be the core of the discussion.

Additional tools able to predict recurrence rate and individual prognosis following treatment will also be addressed in a 1 hour interactive discussion with NMIBC guideline panel members.

Prof. P. Gontero (IT)
Mr. H. Mostafid (GB)
Prof. Dr. B.W.G. Van Rhijn (NL)

Tags: Webinar